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Search Engine Optimization

We at FK Solutions understand that in today’s changing world, your business goals are also constantly changing, thus making Search Engine Marketing an ongoing dynamic process. The experience and expertise that our team of professionals carries with them will cater to all your Search Engine Optimization needs in a way that no one else can.

Research has shown that nearly 90% of Internet users find the websites important to them through the use of search engines. If your website lands itself at the bottom of the eight billion or so pages offered by Google, for example, your business may as well be rendered inert. This is why Aussie WebHost offers a top quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service in order to ensure your website the high visibility it deserves. As a form of contemporary marketing, Search Engine Optimization is a serious matter: it will decide the fate of your business

Our Search Engine Optimization service offers your business the best chances of gaining top rankings on the most important search engines. We use effective techniques with a combination of web page Optimization and strong linking campaigns to gain the advantage over other sites. We are up front and honest, and will not take on projects that we feel that we cannot be effective in achieving top rankings.

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization Description:
To achieve top rankings for your site on all major search engines, we will create and optimise your sites Meta Tags, Alt Tags, and Title Attributes. We will optimise the text on your site pages for your industry keywords, making sure they have proper keyword Density. We will then submit your site to the Top Search Engines.
Strong linking campaigns are an important part of any Search Engine Optimization strategy and ours consist of us finding industry related web sites to link directly to your site. These incoming links - will be handpicked to link to your business by our SEO.

Web Site Press Release
Have a press release written to launch your web site. There are press release companies on the Internet such as prweb.com which will give a good distribution for your release.
You will most likely want to do a press release for the launch of your company, but you will also want to from time to time do informational articles. See the "web site resources articles" section below for ideas on this.

Affiliate Linking Campaign
This goes along with the search engine optimization campaign. Select highly-qualified web sites to exchange links with, which will in turn increase your search engine rankings.

Pay Per Click Marketing
Your pay per click marketing campaign will put you immediately on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Mamma.com, Dogpile.com and hundreds of others. Our expertise is in the area of creating high click-through rates on your ads so that you don't have to pay as much per click (cost savings of at least 50% per click over doing it yourself). We will also be able to show you your conversion rate data to see how many web site visitors referred from pay per click ads actually became paying customers.

Web Site Resources Articles
This is one of the best ways to get free hits from the search engines, and build trust in web site visitors because they see that you are experts in your field. The search engines will index these articles from your web site which are keyword dense with the keywords you are targeting. We can help you optimize your articles once they are written, or write the articles for you. Good ideas for resources articles are reference guides, top 10 lists, tips, stories, and newsletters.

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