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Software Outsourcing

FKS has been working on its own and its software partners for well over 5(+) years.

We are experienced in Outsourcing at two major levels of operations:

  1. By providing software developers or application supporters on Clients’ premises for the required duration, thus relieving our Client of investing in a permanent head count.
  2. By providing the full software development or application support from FKS premises. This goes a long way to assist a Client run their business solely for their business functions and allows FKS to provide full support related to administrative and ancillary tasks such as invoicing, accounting, management reporting and supply status monitoring etc.

Some examples of Software outsourcing Services carried out by FKS are:

  • Honeywell – Supporting tools breakdown issue management
  • PCBT – Full Business College application management

Others Solution based examples are:

  • Subscription based Migration Application Management – MAM MIS deployment
  • Honeywell - Instructor Led Training tool per employee
  • Salesforce
  • A variety of CRM solutions
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server

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